Finding an outstanding sample of Julius Caesar essay

William Shakespeare presents several themes in Julius Caesar such as corruption, friendship, fate, ambition, and freedom. Such concepts can be used as bases of an essay about Julius Caesar. Analytical essays help students understand the themes because they are expected to give quotes from the play. Some common essay questions on the play are given below.

Argumentative topics

  1. Political revolution
    Caesar considered himself as the perfection of morals. He attempted to twist the law and exercise his authority to change senate into nine hundred people.
  2. Civil war
    Julius Caesar provoked a battle when the senate wanted to take over. He also took part in the dispute involving Cleopatra and her brother.
  3. The role of Caesar in the Roman republic
    Roman republic is synonymous with today’s democratic nations. What role did Julius play?
  4. Homosexuality
    A lot of scenarios portray him as a homosexual. Homosexuality was most common with high-class citizens.
  5. Alliance
    Pompey, Caesar, and Crassus ruled for many years through an alliance. How did they come together and what ended the alliance?
  6. Aristocratic roots
    Caesar’s family was very powerful and controlled the Roman society.
  7. Deification
    He was hailed as a divine Roman due to his origins. A comet appeared any time the Romans plated games in his honor.
  8. Assassination
    A lot of people participated in his assassination despite the fact that he thought everyone adored him. His son too, Caesarion was assassinated.

Expository essay questions

  1. Was Brutus honorable and noble in the end? Did he fail from his own mistakes? What contributed to his downfall? Use specific examples.
  2. Describe 3 dramatic effects Shakespeare used in the play and how they make it more interesting
  3. Explain incidences where persuasive characters used words to influence decisions of others. Describe the aftermath of such decisions.
  4. Explain how tragic flaws contributed to downfall of major characters

Any essay comes with specific instructions. It could be expository, descriptive, argumentative, analytical, name them. Expository essay about Julius Caesar are the common in which case students are expected to give solid examples to explain further ideas, themes, and character traits from the play.