List of interesting ideas for college essays about best places in the world

When it comes to writing an essay at school and in this case, whereby one is allowed to choose a destination and craft something about it, you can be sure to expect variety in terms of skills. With summer holidays just around the corner, students can very well expect a variety of academic writing tasks relating to this, before and after the holidays. But while this remains undisputable, the big question is whether you will be able to craft an interesting paper or not. Also, which places would you want to visit and consequently do an essay on? The world plays hosts to some of the most amazing destinations in the world and which you can access through different means of transport. If you choose to travel by air, there will always be an interesting bit to your story. On the other hand, someone who choose to visit a preferred destination by road would also be able relate a story with a different taste. This boils down to the fact that each and every student can always come up with essay ideas for college.
All in all, writing a quality academic essay is all about infusing a range of ideas into a powerful piece. In a case where you are to write a paper on travelling, one of the key areas you must really focus on is coming up with ideas that hold water. You need powerful ideas for college essays. Once you have the right ideas, the next issue you need to look into is what type of essay are you going to write? Is it going to take an argumentative approach or a narrative one? Well, ideas for argumentative essays are as numerous as those for writing about best places to visit in the world. Take a look at this list of interesting travel essay ideas;

  • To begin with, an essay on the tallest bridges in the world will certainly come closer to the best places in the world
  • The deepest sea in the world. Here, you can think about the Dead Sea
  • A review of the wonders of the world is also something to think about and even write on. It could be Egyptian pyramids or the wilder beast migration
  • Write an essay about the best amusement parks in the world
  • Think about the tallest residential buildings in the world