How to Come up with an Extraordinary Topic

Coming up with an essay topic is quite easy, but getting a topic that impresses both the writer and the reader requires some extra efforts. Most people shy off from writing because they have no idea what to write about. However, if one is able to identify a topic of interest then writing becomes easy. This is because there will be a free flow of ideas to captivate both the writer and the reader.

  • Know the nature of assignment
  • If one is writing an academic paper, the kind of topic they choose must be in line with the requirements of the assignment. One therefore needs to familiarize themselves with the teacher’s instructions so that they can choose a befitting topic.

  • Understand the purpose of the assignment
  • Before deciding on the topic, one must first seek to understand what purpose their writing should serve. For instance, if one is writing on a personal experience, the topic will differ greatly from that of a persuasive or marketing kind of writing.

  • Visualization
  • Creating a mental picture of ideas is very important when one is choosing a topic. Great writing should enable the reader to see the story forming pictures in their mind as they progress. When the writer is able to see what they are planning to write about in their mind, then choosing a suitable essay topic becomes easy.

  • Reasonable scope
  • A perfect topic should not be all over the place nor should it be too limiting. One should be able to regulate the scope of their topic to make it manageable. Too big a scope will make it hard for the writer to focus. On the other hand, when the scope is too small, ideas are limited.

  • Exploring alternatives
  • In the case where topical options are given, one can seek permission to choose a topic that is not on the given list. This is allowed especially when the writer feels limited by the options provided.

The following are suggestions of essay topics that one can choose from

  1. Most embarrassing experience
  2. First time away from home
  3. The effects of social network on teenagers
  4. Facets of genetic engineering
  5. How to get out of debt
  6. Preserving the environment
  7. Effects of divorce on children
  8. Dealing with depression
  9. Surviving natural disasters
  10. Eradicating racial discrimination